Sharing is Caring.

The more I examine it, the more I realize what the slow food movement is really about.  At the end of the day, yes, its about eating locally, and the impact that creates. Again and again, I come back to how much its about the producers and consumers, in addition to the product itself.  Slow food is about is about community, about the inherent fact that food brings us together.

I plan on waxing intellectual on this plenty more. In case you haven’t yet noticed, I think I’m REAL smart. But let’s stick to one topic for this post. We all learn it in kindergarten. Yes. Sharing.  Sometimes I hate it.  Someone wants to share desert with me? Buzz off. But while you’re working on a slow food lifestyle, its the best way to try new things and learn new skills.

Swap things from your CSA. Share recipes. Throw potlucks.  Take turns trying, and possibly succeeding, to grow things in your garden. Find a buddy to hit the farmer’s market with.  Trust me, the journey is easier, and far more fun, with a little sharing.

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4 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I love sharing about the produce I get weekly in my CSA box. Check it out if you would like to read more…

  2. Yes, food is the heart of community and you’ve summed it up well.

  3. I love how food brings people together, it’s one of the main reasons I enjoy traveling and cooking. It’s so fundamental, social, enjoyable, comforting, and there’s always more to learn…all wonderful things.

  4. I stopped by my friend John’s house the other day. He grows for my favorite produce stand. Before I knew it, I had a hoe in hand and was covering up seed potatoes. Best Friday afternoon ever.

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