Just Say No To Store Bought Salad Dressing

Seriously. Promise me right now you’re going to stop buying it. Ok, sometimes you need ranch dressing to put on delivery pizza. But that best be a rare, stress or alcohol fueled situation.

Bottled, supermarket salad dressing is irrationally expensive, processed, and decidedly not local. Not to mention, anything that stays homogenized like that without being refrigerated is packed with all manner of nasty binders and preservatives. None of which your body can process or receive nutrition from.

You can find everything you need to make a killer salad dressing in your pantry and that herb garden you recently planted. Hell, you can find all of it in your dry goods pantry. Really, all you need is a good olive oil base, and a whisk. If you have an immersion blender, you’re golden.

So go out and find a large bottle of good, locally produced, cold pressed olive oil. From there, get creative – you know what flavors you like, make ’em happen! See the links below for my favorites to get you started!

Sweet Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Warm Apple Cider Dressing

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9 thoughts on “Just Say No To Store Bought Salad Dressing

  1. Great post! We have been making our own dressing and my family is amazed at how fresh and delicious they are! Even ranch dressing is easy and tastes about 1,000 times better than store bought. An immersion or stick blender makes it super easy. Thanks for the blood orange recipe!

    • I’ve never effectively pulled off a ranch dressing – my little sister’s love it, and have repeatedly pointed out that mine… Well, sucks. I’d love to see your recipe!

      • I think that what I hear you say is that you haven’t been able to make a homemade that tastes like bottled…

        When processed foods become the standard, the consumer expects those enhanced compounds that add intense flavor, even if that flavor doesn’t taste like actual food.

        With bottled ranch, there are only tiny specks of color, which I used to think were herbs, now I suspect may not be – the texture of homemade items bother some people.

        Top ingredients for ranch: water, oil, sugar.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I really enjoy making up my own salad dressings, using the things I invariably have lying around in the kitchen – especially when I’ve just picked some fresh salad from the garden.

  3. I totally agree! And…you can even make delicious salad dressing without adding oil – it’s true ;-)!

  4. I never buy bottled – except my son sometimes has ranch and every few years I’ll put some Western on an Iceberg salad with cottage cheese – it’s a 60’s childhood thing.

    I love making homemade – it’s easy to make, costs pennies, you can have different kinds all the time, vary it with your ingredients, customize them to your taste and dietary needs, they last for a good long time in your fridge, but most of all, they’re wholesome and delicious.

    Bottled has a list of ingredients as long as your arm, and quite frankly don’t taste that great! Thanks for posting your recipes…I keep meaning to add to mine.

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