Meatless Monday!

It’s always a great way to modify your diet.  Today, the significant other, the dog, and I will be picnicking for dinner. Right, it’s ridiculously cutesy. To that I say, suck it.  And from there, I proudly introduce you to the easiest meatless monday meal ever…

Whole Foods has these wonderful ‘local’ labels in all their stores, and I LOVE taking advantage of them.  Today I grabbed some locally produced goat cheese, locally baked bread (I know, not really local, the ingredients are probably from far far away), and some of my favorite Carlsbad strawberries.  We’ll be topping it off with a bottle of local Orfila Vineyards red, that the boyfriend picked up while in Escondido on some business.

Eating local doesn’t need to be hard!

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7 thoughts on “Meatless Monday!

  1. I love this! Will have to check Whole Foods ti see what “locals” I can find!

  2. Mason on said:

    I do appreciate Whole Foods’ local tags, though the one thing that always gets me is the orange juice. I know that it’s a lie! (Because I’m on the East coast, and decidedly not in an area that grows cirtus.)

    Sounds like my kind of picnic all the same though!

  3. Great idea! Love picnics – and being able to grab a good dinner (rather than always cooking)!

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