Free Food!

There’s a stigma that healthy food is expensive. And, in the land of the 99 cent burrito, spending $4 on a bunch of kale can feel a little like highway robbery.  I have a deep abiding love for Whole Foods (and full disclosure, a professional relationship), but I don’t know that I’ve ever walked out of one of their stores with my wallet any less than $50 lighter. It can be discouraging to make a move towards local product when sales on processed, far traveling foods seem so much easier on the bank account.

We’re going to talk more about why moving to a local diet is actually less expensive, and what an incredible investment it can be.  Today however, we’re talking about free food. Yes. Free. Ok, there’s a small start up cost, and some work involved, but we’ve all hear the old adage…No such thing as a free lunch!

Get up tomorrow morning, and hit your local nursery – you’re starting a garden! 

“I don’t have a big yard!” “I can’t keep a house plant alive.” “I don’t have time!”

Shut your  trap and stop self defeating.  Start small. A window box of herbs. One of those fantastic hanging tomato thingies. A hardy little citrus tree. Water once or twice a day. Send it good vibes.  Before you know it, you’ll be eating for free. And feeling oh so superior to your friends who buy crappy hot house tomatoes at the Albertson’s.

So get to work. Grow some stuff. Then have your friends over for dinner, and show off your fancy homegrown homemade basil pesto. They’ll think you’re awesome. It doesn’t get much more local than your own home!


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6 thoughts on “Free Food!

  1. Maybe that has been my problem I always try and go all the way or not. I get the garden started and for the first couple of weeks or months it all good. Then slowly goes down hill. Although maybe if I start thinking about it as free I might be able to stay with it more. 🙂

  2. It’s one of the best feelings to grow something from seed or seedling, tend to it, see it grow – and then EAT it!

  3. Eggkins on said:

    roflmao! Shut your trap, lol.

  4. Eggkins on said:

    There is a great video I found on YouTube about recycling water bottles to make a window hanging garden. I hope you will allow the suggestion on your site. (I don’t know this person but the idea fits right in with your suggestion to grow your own food).

  5. Thanks for checking my blog! Yours is awesome, love that you work on a beef farm! Keep it up!

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