Hopping over those stumbling blocks…

Let’s face it, making a switch to a local diet is not an easy thing. We grew up hitting the super market, eating processed school lunches, and have an unhealthy penchant for Cheetos. Ok, that last one might just be me.  The transition is hard, but committing to one thing at a time will help you get there, and faster than you might think.

I challenge you to start how I started.  Trading in one trip to the grocery store, or one meal out, for a journey to a local farmer’s market.  Promise yourself you’ll buy at least one item of local produce, and spend at least 30 minutes perusing. Sounds boring, but I promise you’ll be hooked in no time.

Hooked, you say? Not on that hippie dippy farmer’s market shit, right?  Well, let me ask you a VERY important question. How do you feel about Costco? In particular, how do you feel about the samples? I feel GREAT about the samples – it’s like lunch for free! Costco has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, on your average farmer’s market in terms of samples. Local producers just can’t wait to have you try their products.

This week, make those treks a habit. Let me know what you get to taste. And share what you take home, and especially, what you manage to turn it into.  I’m taking my slow food journey one step at a time, and trust me, its easier than it looks.

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5 thoughts on “Hopping over those stumbling blocks…

  1. We agree! After 3 months of our family challenge, we only go to the grocery for staples we cannot find at the market. And yes, the samples and info that comes with them, are terrific! Thanks for the post!

  2. We’re trying to be our own farmer’s market ;-). It’s tough! But straight-out-of-the-garden is SO much better.

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