This one time, I forgot I needed to feed myself.

I, like many forging a career in their mid twenties, work insane hours.  I’m blessed with a job I love, and employers who have given me more opportunity and responsibility than I’m in any way qualified for. That being said, 80 hour weeks sure can beat a girl down, and lead to some seriously gross dietary behavior.

Two weeks ago, I had the ultimate crazy week. Up at 6, stumbling into bed around 11, and all the while rocketing around to our ranch, our various restaurants, and a million and one appointments in between.   Other than my penchant for Taco Bell rearing its ugly head more than once, I was pretty much subsisting on whatever scraps I could grab running through one of the kitchens. By day 3, I felt like, well, a pile of crap.  By day 5, I was bona fide sick.

I’d like to say this is the first time that this has happened, but I’d be lying. I literally write ‘drink water’ on my daily to do lists, and yes, I’ll actually forget.  I don’t think I need to point out that my lifestyle is not exactly geared towards what most of us would identify with living the locavore way.  If I have free time, I’m probably hiding somewhere with my phone shut off. The week we’re talking about definitely didn’t get any slow food love. But I’m learning it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m committing to spending sometime cooking every Sunday, and making sure that I’ve preportioned some meals and snacks to grab during the week.  I’m not saying it’s going to be an instant fix, but I’ll be making a concerted effort.  Look for some of my recipe ideas over the next day or two, and PLEASE, send me some of yours.  I’m starting to see some gorgeous spring produce out, I want to find some killer new ways to prepare it!

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One thought on “This one time, I forgot I needed to feed myself.

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