Cooking for yourself gets boring.

Don’t get me wrong – there are times that I like nothing more than some quality time in my kitchen completely by myself. Well not completely. Just me and a bottle of wine. And my ubiquitous dog of course.  My misanthropic loner tendencies aside, there’s an inherent joy to creating a meal for others.

My friends all know that I LOVE to cook. And that I don’t suck at it.  We long ago reached an arrangement.  They show up with the ingredients and the booze, and I do the rest. (Save for the dishes). Even better, during a creative dry spell, I just have them submit requests. 

It’s fantastic in so many ways.  I get to cook, they get to eat, we spend astronomically less than if we went out, sweatpants are optional attire, and there’s always enough to send everyone home with leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

Try getting your friends together for a meal this week, let me know how it goes!


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2 thoughts on “Cooking for yourself gets boring.

  1. We share a few commonality, in the kitchen:
    Alone is qulaity time with oneself
    A bottle of wine is a must for creative jiuce
    Do not do dishes

    And above all always cook more food than people can eat

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