Making a move towards a slow food lifestyle can seem overwhelming. My own move was accompanied with anxiety about daily farmer’s market visits, and a fear about somehow becoming infected with a desire to wear birkenstock’s and stop shaving my legs.  Luckily, before I could go all hippy and unwashed, I discovered the ultimate, low effort ‘in’ to the locavore lifestyle.

Enter the Community Supported Agriculture box.  Abbreviated as CSA, Community Supported Agriculture programs are socio-economic models of food distribution and agriculture.  Those involved pledge financial contribution to farming operations, and share the risks and benefits of the operation.

I hear your “Whoa dude…I didn’t sign up to make a risky investment in a farm. You’re silly.”  Fortunately, the explanation above over complicates things.  Here’s how my CSA works…

I sign up in 12 week intervals with the lovely folks at Suzie’s Farm.  I pay an extraordinarily reasonable $264 for 12 weekly boxes that typically has around 10 items of beautiful produce in it. I pick it up on Sunday’s at my local farmer’s market. It’s ridiculously inexpensive over time, and forces me to stick to my slow food plan. Built in success!

Another wonderful bonus is the russian roulette that is the CSA. You never know what you’re going to get. My cooking has become vastly more creative, and I’m finding myself in love with veggies I’d never thought to try. Look for a recipe from today’s CSA later this week.

Want to find a Community Supported Agriculture program near you? Check out Local Harvest‘s CSA guide – it’s a wonderful place to get started!

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3 thoughts on “CSA PSA

  1. I love my CSA! I can’t wait to hear about your recipes. Deciding what to make with all the fresh, beautiful produce is my favorite part 🙂

    If you would like to follow my csa journey, check out happy eating!

  2. Nutritionator on said:

    Great post. Recently signed up for a local CSA at the farmers market and have never made a better decision in my life!

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