the (loca)vore

lo·ca·vore : person interested in consuming food that is locally produced, and does not travel long distances.

Word of the Year, 2007. Oxford American Dictionary

Typically, the locavore movement defines local food as that which is produced in a one hundred mile radius of one’s place of residence.  Right from the get go, its clear that this is extreme. As we see the growth of farmer’s markets, small farms, and home growing, the potential for an easily achieved local diet increases. For our purposes here, we’ll be focusing on using local products much as possible.  But real talk, this girl loves her coffee, chocolate, and the contents of her spice cabinet.

You’ll start seeing recipes that use local ingredients here soon – forgive me their worldly flavor profiles. I’m working towards lowering my carbon footprint, but I just need caffeine. Maybe you can start growing coffee, saffron and tumeric in San Diego – make it happen!


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3 thoughts on “the (loca)vore

  1. Good luck with it. We’ve done the same thing at our house and have done an amazing job but can’t do without that morning coffee.

  2. Having lived in urban environments all my life I find it very satisfying to get more in touch with local growing seasons, climate, terroir, etc. through frequenting farmers’ markets and small grocery stores that support local farmers. At the same time, trying to go all-in on a locavore lifestyle sounds exhausting! I love your moderate and realistic approach and look forward to reading about how it goes.

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